1. Discount-Website-Design.co.uk prices are as advertised. A £25 deposit is payable when agreeing to proceed with your site and by paying this deposit you agree to these terms and conditions. Deposits are non-refundable.

2. Invoices are payable upon receipt.

3. Discount-Website-Design.co.uk cannot and do not guarantee indexing (inclusion) or high ranking for any website (submitted by us) on any Search Engine. Neither can we guarantee that any of our directory submission packages will increase your website's traffic or overall performance on any search engine (at any time).

4. All Discount-Website-Design.co.uk websites carry the message in small characters at the base of the screen "Discount Web Design" with a corresponding hyperlink to our website.

5. All our sites require you to submit your own text (copy) for inclusion on your new website. All text should be divided into sections relevant to your page names and submitted by you in Word format or an equivalent (electronic) format. Any photos logos or graphics you wish to include should be submitted by you in either Jpeg or a similar format, either by post on a CD or by e-mail as an attachment. However, if the client is unable to provide such content they we will do our best to supply this.

6. A website "page" is generally intended to mean a page of content of approximately A4 in size. Individual pages with more than A4 sized content may be charged at the additional page rate of £10 (per A4 sized page of content).

7. Discount-Website-Design.co.uk websites are sometimes constructed using certain pre-made or stock elements. It is the customer's resposibility to ensure images are eligble for use i.e. the licence of the image's copyright allows the use of it. Examples of pre-made or stock elements used are (but are not limited to): stock flash, stock headers, stock images and stock intros.

8. All Discount-Website-Design.co.uk websites are optimised for viewing on the most commonly used viewing platform, that is, on computers running Internet Explorer 7 (or above) with a screen resolution of 1024x768 (or above). We can offer no guarantees of correct function across all browser platforms.

8. To process your order we require payment of your £25 deposit by cheque, bank transfer, debit/credit card or PayPal. Your balance is payable upon completion of the website. In such instances where the client does not voice there disapproval of the website when submitted to you for approval then it will be considered to be complete. Discount-Website-Design.co.uk regrets that once full payment has been received no refunds can be given.

9. We aim to complete websites within 1-2 weeks upon receipt of content and confirmation of basic design of the website framework or skeleton by the client. By entering into this agreement, you agree to pay any remaining balance within 2 months of this milestone at the latest and payment of remaining balance is expected upon completion of the website . Failure to make full payment will result in the appropriate action being taken to recover these funds plus any accrued interest (charged daily at base rate +8%)

10. New website addresses can be registered in the client's name if requested. 

11. To cancel our Search Engine Optimisation or Google Marketing Services, all we require is 30 days notice either via email, phone call or letter. To transfer a domain away, a £25 admin fee will be applicable. Unpaid/late invoices can result in the suspension of any service such as hosting, SEO activity, advertising.

12. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that their domains are renewed on time.

13. If we are requested to violate copyright, we can terminate the agreement with immediate effect unless we have express permission from the copyright holders.